Étienne Opera House

In 2015, we were commissioned to work on the new visual identity of the Saint-Étienne Opera House. We came up with a simple and minimal logotype whose shape was directly inspired from the architecture of the Opera House. The logo was also displayed as a smile in the season’s campaign.

In opera, music and dance are intimately linked through “movement”. This could be the movement of a body, of musical notes or simply the emotions* triggered by these two art forms. (*The word “emotions” literally means “to make movement” of feelings). The emotion behind this logo comes from the optical framing trick between an “O” and the “accent”. The “O” looks as if it’s disappearing at the same time as the accent appears. That’s Opera’s magic!

To inaugurate the new logo’s first season, we have come up with a simple and accessible communication campaign which features, in photos, all the staff members who work at the Opera. The logo is there to finish off the smile of the person being photographed, as if a curious spectator had come to peek through the Opera doors, wide-eyed at what they saw. So it’s about re-establishing a feeling of closeness between the people of Saint-Étienne and a popular cultural venue. The campaign comes with the slogan “And the magic opera(te)…”, is a pun in France between the word “operate” and the word “opera”. 

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